About us


The North Bay Learning Source is an online community resource where you can find a wide variety of classes and workshops offered by individuals and organizations at locations throughout the North Bay. Learn something new or promote your class!

Learners can connect with teachers – teachers can reach new students!

What’s cool about The Learning Source?

  • One-stop shopping: The Learning Source is a centralized source of information about learning opportunities that is otherwise difficult to find.
  • Learners can find opportunities to gain skills and knowledge in a wide variety of subjects from local experts and also connect with others who share their interests.
  • Teachers benefit by reaching a wider audience of potential students.
  • The Learning Source promotes learning and connecting within our communities!

The Learning Source is a social enterprise dedicated to lifelong learning and community connections.

Who’s doing this?

Deborah WiigLearning Source Coordinator Deborah Wiig is passionate about community education. She served for several years as program manager of a Denver Public Schools Community School; she also founded and published a popular Denver entertainment website and a community newspaper.  When she’s not promoting life-long learning, Deborah provides marketing communications services to nonprofit organizations and others who are changing the world for good.
Happy to have made Sonoma County her home in 2014, she’s looking forward to connecting with local organizations and individuals.

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North Bay Learning Source technical design and integration was completed by Yogi Ramadin of Conscious Web Solutions.
Yogi Ramadin created a feature-rich platform that supports both Learners and Teachers effectively.